Noémie Loiselle / Credits: Jean-Francois FORT / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP 14:16 p.m., December 26, 2023

This Saturday, a warehouse of the Secours populaire located in Échirolles in Isère was burgled. To try to compensate for losses estimated at €300,000 by the association, the town hall decided to organise a collection on Tuesday and launched an appeal for solidarity. Residents responded to the call.

A warehouse belonging to the Secours populaire was burgled on Saturday in Échirolles, in the Isère region, causing damage to the association estimated at some 300,000 euros. Several residents of the town came this Tuesday morning to make a donation to try to limit the damage. Jeanine, a 68-year-old pensioner, was still very emotional about the burglary and insisted on donating 10 euros. "I find it unacceptable that we can disadvantage people who are in need. We could be in their shoes," she lamented, her voice cracking at the microphone of Europe 1.

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Residents want to help Secours populaire "repair the damage"

Like Jeanine, Michel, a 77-year-old resident, didn't hesitate to come and make a gesture. He who donates 20 euros each month to the Secours populaire de l'Isère wanted to donate nearly 500 euros this time. "I hope it inspires other people to give. That they can get back more or less what they had and that they can repair the damage and get back on their feet," he said.

Some residents have assured that if they can afford it, they will not hesitate to make a new donation. Please note that it is possible to donate online on the website.