Hélène Zelany SEASON 2023 - 202413h26, December 25, 2023

Hélène Zelany returns for two hours, without concession, to all the subjects that are in the news. Today, Hélène Zelany looks back on Christmas Eve with Europe 1 listeners. But she also makes us discover Colombian recipes and specialties for the holidays as well as a small village in the Var to take a little walk. Finally, she welcomes Henriette Steinberg to talk about the green Santa Claus of the Secours populaire.

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Juan Arbelaez, Colombian chef and author of the recipe book "Recuerdame"

Joe Hume, host of "Hey Joe!" on Europe 1

Fanny Jacq, psychiatrist and Director of Mental Health at Resilience, an app reimbursed by social security

Frédéric Michel, Europe 1's special correspondent in the Var

Henriette Steinberg, Secretary General of Secours populaire

Pascal Lardellier, professor of information and communication science at the University of Burgundy and author of the book "In Praise of What Lies Us"