WHO = The World Health Organization has announced that it will end the COVAX Facility, an international framework aimed at equitable distribution of new coronavirus vaccines, by the end of this year.

The COVAX Facility is an international framework for distributing vaccines for the new coronavirus to developing countries free of charge based on financial contributions from developed countries, and was launched by the WHO and others in 2020 when the new coronavirus spread worldwide.

Regarding this framework, WHO pointed out on the 19th that 'about 146 billion doses of vaccines have been provided to 20 countries and regions so far, saving at least 270.12 million lives,' and announced that it will end on the 31st of this month (December).

Developing countries that need vaccines will be able to receive supplies from the Gavi Vaccine Alliance, an international organization that works to vaccinate developing countries for the next two years.

Regarding the COVAX Facility, the WHO praised it as "making a significant contribution to alleviating the suffering of the new coronavirus" in developing and emerging countries in the Global South, but at the time of its establishment, the supply did not proceed as planned due to lack of funds and restrictions on vaccine exports. We have not been able to completely overcome the unfairness of vaccines."