On Wednesday, LKAB was given the go-ahead to start demolishing the so-called snow gallery, the sheet metal superstructure that will protect the track from drifting snow.

Great value at stake

This is needed both for the investigations carried out by the Swedish Accident Investigation Commission and for the clearance work of damaged wagons that LKAB will deal with.

There is too much financial value at stake to wait out the Christmas holidays.

"We don't see any real alternative to that," says Jonas Bäckstrand, chairman of the inquiry.

A lot of work

He himself is still in Stockholm but is part of the force that will go up to Vassijaure eventually to relieve the personnel who are in place now. The Accident Investigation Board will probably need a week or so to complete its work.

"We want to end it as soon as we can," says Jonas Bäckstrand.

LKAB's logistics manager Linda Bjurholt was at the scene of the accident on Wednesday.

In the clip, she gives an update on how the work is progressing.