• Israel-Gaza War Foreign Affairs confirms the death of Iván Illarramendi, the Spaniard who disappeared in Gaza after the Hamas attack
  • Middle East Pressure mounts in Israel after the mistakenly killed three hostages carrying a white flag

Iván Illarramendi Saizar, the Basque murdered by Hamas, kept in touch with his relatives in Spain during the attack perpetrated by this terrorist group against Kibbutz Kifusim, to whom he told that a grenade had been thrown at his house and that he had been wounded in the arm and chest.

"They threw a grenade at the door and wounded my arm and shrapnel fell on my chest. The door of the house has a few bullets," he said.

The attack was perpetrated at Kibbutz Kifusim, located less than two kilometers from the Gaza Strip, where he lived in Israel with his wife, Chilean Dafna Garcovich, also killed in the same attack, reports El Confidencial.

Illarramendi and his wife were burned alive together in their home by Hamas terrorists, a fact that became known a month after the assault and confirmed that they had not been kidnapped as had initially been considered.

According to El Confidencial, during the terrorist action that took place on the morning of October 7, Iván Illarremendi exchanged several WhatsApp messages with his entourage, who received the last of them at 10:39 a.m., after which he did not hear from him again.

Previously, at 9:45 a.m., Illarramendi, 46, had contacted his relatives to inform them that something was wrong: "We are having a dangerous morning. We're fine, but I've been shot. They have entered my house," he told them through the aforementioned messaging application.

His relatives responded with concern and even asked him to leave the country, although Illarramendi warned them that he had taken refuge with his wife in the "safe room" of the house and asked them not to call him because he did not want to make "noise" so as not to be discovered.

"Call me when you can. Is there anything I can do? Hold. And how did they get in?" were the messages sent from Spain at the time, to which the Basque replied: "You can't do anything. They seem to be gone."

"What happened this morning was amazing"

Those close to him then sent him a press release informing him that Israel had declared a state of war alert. "Not if I've already heard about it. This morning was amazing," he replied.

Half an hour later, at 10:30 a.m., his entourage again inquired about the state of health of the couple: "But are you okay, or did you get shot? Are you physically okay?" they asked.

Illarramendi replied that he was wounded but not seriously: "Yes, we are fine, not a bullet, miraculously, but they threw a grenade at the door and it has wounded my arm and shrapnel has fallen on my chest. The front door has a few bullets, I know the mirror has been broken and I don't know what else," he told them.

From Spain they then asked about Dafna's parents. "Yes, they're fine," Ivan replied. "I'll leave you alone, call me when you can," his relatives told Illarramendi, who replied with a last message that said: "done", in what was his last message, after which his entourage tried to contact him repeatedly without success.