RT's interlocutor called this decision a violation of freedom of speech.

"I can say that not so long ago, a month ago, I was in Armenia. We held a journalistic conference... I know the mood of the people. And I understand that a lot of people in Armenia know Russian and for them the broadcasting of Russian channels is part of the information flow, they are used to receiving information and following the Russian media. And, of course, for them it will be a violation of freedom of speech and freedom of dissemination of information," Solovyov said.

He recalled that the Armenian and Russian societies have examples of friendship, cooperation and interaction.

"Our cultural ties are very intertwined, and some of them have family ties. Therefore, of course, it would not be worth severing broadcasting and communications in this way," the chairman of the UJR concluded.

Earlier it became known that the Commission on Television and Radio of Armenia suspended the activities of the Tospa company, which is the broadcaster of Radio Sputnik Armenia, for 30 days.