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Israel's proxies in Europe lurk in any voice or content critical of Israel, and these arms have been active in France and elsewhere since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip. The biggest example of this is what is happening with Algerian international Youssef Attal, the French player of Nice.

After posting a short video on his Instagram account supporting Gazans, Attal was accused of incitement against Jews by two organizations in France, Jewish Observatory and the International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism (Lycra).

Although the player deleted his video and apologized, condemning "all forms of violence anywhere in the world", French prosecutors insisted on prosecuting him on charges of public incitement, hatred or violence.

The case of the Algerian player sparked wide interaction on social media, through tweets and comments, some of which monitored the episode (2023/12/20) of the program "Shabakat".

"Say freedom of expression in France is non-existent, and if they tell you give us the evidence, tell them about a footballer who posted a video on Instagram, and in their eyes he became a terrorist who should be imprisoned," Rachid wrote.

Fatima expressed her full solidarity with the Algerian player, saying, "They forced him to apologize and delete the clip and now they are prosecuting him because of his opinion on the crimes of the occupation in Gaza."

Abdullah asked in his tweet why European players who expressed their opinion and attacked Russia because of its war on Ukraine were not prosecuted. "Wasn't it terrorism back then and incitement to hatred?" he wrote.

Sarah asked, "What did Youssef Attal do? Demolish the Eiffel Tower? "It's okay these events only increase the visibility and understanding of the public opinion," she said.

It is noteworthy that the public prosecutor of the city of Nice (southern France) demanded a suspended 10-month prison sentence and a fine of 45,18 euros against Attal, who was tried on September <> by the Criminal Court in Nice.

The verdict is due to be announced on the third of next January.

French newspapers say that Attal will not return to play in the Nice shirt even after the end of his sentence, and that he is expected to be sold in the next winter transfer window.

Source : Al Jazeera