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Director Nicolas Bedos will stand trial in September 2024 in Paris for sexual assault during a night out at a nightclub last May and for sexual harassment during a party in 2018 on another woman, his lawyer said Wednesday.

Nicolas Bedos is due to appear on September 26 for "sexual assault" on Emma G. in Paris between May 11 and 12, 2023 "by a person in a state of obvious drunkenness" and for "sexual harassment" on a second woman, Clémence A., committed between June 14 and 15, 2018 in Paris, the prosecutor's office confirmed to AFP.

These facts "have not given rise to any complaint", said Julia Minkowski in a message sent to AFP, who explained that she had "taken the initiative to publicise" this trial "to avoid unacceptable untruths being relayed again around this procedure".

'Insistent and offensive behaviour'

According to her, the alleged facts are "a kiss on the neck on a woman in a nightclub in May 2023" and "sexual harassment on the other hand, towards a woman who describes, during a single evening in June 2018 at a mutual friend's house, an insistent and offensive behavior for which Nicolas Bedos had apologized at the time".

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According to a source close to the case, Emma G. denounced a non-consensual kiss on the neck and the fact that he forcibly grabbed her by the waist. On the other hand, "a dismissal of the case due to the statute of limitations has been decided" concerning facts denounced by two other women, the prosecutor's office said.

Multiple Charges

According to Mr. Minkowski, it is "a denunciation of a sexual relationship in 1999, when Nicolas Bedos was 18 years old, considered non-consensual by a woman seven years his senior, at the home of the Bedos family then present in the house, where they had gone after a party spent together".

The other fact concerns "the denunciation of an attempt to kiss on the mouth by a long-time friend during a vacation in the summer of 2016," the lawyer added. "Nicolas Bedos is obviously not being prosecuted for these facts," Minkowski said.

Heard in open hearing at the end of November

The 44-year-old actor was heard in an open hearing at the end of November in this preliminary investigation opened in July after the accusations of these four women. Accused of touching a 25-year-old woman in a nightclub in June 2023, the actor has already been summoned to appear before the Paris Criminal Court in February for sexual assault while drunk.

Son of comedian Guy Bedos, Nicolas Bedos has made a name for himself by making a name for himself in many fields: playwright, columnist, screenwriter and even actor. He has directed the cream of French cinema, from Jean Dujardin ("OSS117: Red Alert in Black Africa") to Isabelle Adjani ("Mascarade"), via Daniel Auteuil, Guillaume Canet and Fanny Ardant.