Tim, 16, is suspected of preparing a murder on behalf of Foxtrot – but instead he was kidnapped and tortured.

SVT Nyheter's review of the case shows that Tim has had eleven placements in foster homes, foster homes, HVB homes and Sis homes – in two years. In several of the homes, there have been serious shortcomings.

In Tim's case, the municipality has hired external intermediaries, so-called consultancy companies, to find new accommodation.

A method that can cause problems, according to Åsa Furén-Thulin, section manager at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, SKR.

Requirements for own investigations

She believes that the social services have an obligation to carry out their own investigations of the emergency and family homes that are mediated by the private actors.

"You can't just take an investigation into a consultant-supported foster home and think that it's done. There is often a misconception here, that you have trust in these people who do the investigations. That's not enough," says Åsa Furén-Thulin.

In the report "Children and young people in the care of the community", which was recently published, a calculation is made of the municipalities' costs for the consultant-supported foster homes. In total, this amounts to SEK 2.43 billion per year, compared with SEK 1.08 billion per year if the private intermediaries had been cut.

Listen to SKR's Åsa Furén-Thulin when she participated in Aktuellt in the clip above.