In the eastern part of Ukraine, where Russia's military invasion continues, there is a view that Russian troops are gradually advancing to seize their strongholds.
The Ukrainian side shows the recognition that 'the Russian army is in a hurry to go on the offensive,' and it seems that fierce fighting continues.

The Ukrainian Air Force announced on the 20th that Russian troops launched an attack with 19 drones against the southern Odesa Oblast and other areas, and shot down 18 of them.

In the southern city of Kherson, civilian casualties continue to occur, with local authorities announcing on social media that nine people, including four children, were injured when Russian forces attacked homes, educational institutions, and medical facilities.

On the other hand, the Russian army seems to be intensifying its offensive mainly in Donetsk Oblast in the east, and the American think tank "Institute for the Study of War" said that Russian troops are slightly advancing in the suburbs of Avdiivka and Bakhmut, one of the bases near the regional capital Donetsk.

A spokesman for the Ukrainian Army told local media, 'The Russian army is rushing to the offensive, fighting is active in all directions, and fighting continues in the direction of Bakhmut for 4 hours,' and it seems that fierce fighting continues.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly claimed that the Ukrainian army's reverse offensive has failed recently and that the Russian army is taking the initiative in the battle situation, and the Russian side is poised to further strengthen the offensive as it will soon be one year and 9 months since the start of the military invasion.