Quebec: Public sector employees threaten to go on indefinite strike starting in January

Negotiations are getting tougher between the Quebec government and more than 400,000 government employees. An alliance of public sector unions is threatening to go on an indefinite general strike in early January if a tentative agreement is not reached within days. For the time being, discussions between the two parties are focused on wages and especially on working conditions.

Government employees strike in Montreal on November 21, 2023. AFP - MATHIEW LEISER

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With our correspondent in Montreal, Pascale Guéricolas

This is not a bluff, warn the unions. If negotiations with the Quebec government do not reach a very fast conclusion, citizens could face strikes in hospitals and in the school sector as early as early 2024.

For Magali Picard, president of the FTQ, one of the bodies grouped together in a common union front, this battle affects the entire population. "It's important for our world to have agreements that will improve services. Improving employment conditions also means improving service to the population, both in our schools and in our health facilities. This is a serious time. Everyone wants an agreement in principle before Christmas," explains the trade unionist.

According to the coalition of trade unions, the government is still refusing to accept solutions from its employees to improve working conditions.


A lot of fuss, not much results at the moment. That's why we say, there are days left before the end of the year, there are days left before the end of the year. We have to be able to move forward," says Éric Gingras, president of the CSQ, which represents 60% of teachers.

Another teachers' union has already been on an indefinite general strike since 23 November.

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