In the Gaza Strip, where the Israeli army continues its military operations, at least 20 people were killed on the 10th when an airstrike was carried out on a residential area in the southern city of Rafah, where many refugees are fleeing.
Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that "Hamas fighters surrender or die," and has repeatedly emphasized his policy of aiming to destroy Hamas, and there are concerns about a further increase in civilian casualties.

The Israeli army, which is conducting military operations in the Gaza Strip, announced on SNS on the 20th that it attacked more than 1 targets from land, sea and air in one day.

On the 300th, Al Jazeera, a satellite television station in the Middle East, was broadcasting from Rafah in the south, where many refugees are fleeing, when nearby houses were bombed several times, causing a large explosion and causing many people to flee.

Al Jazeera said at least 20 people were killed in the airstrike and that there is also a hospital near the houses that were attacked.

On the other hand, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu posted a video message on SNS on the 10th, saying, "Hamas terrorists have only two possibilities: surrender or die," and reiterated his policy of aiming for the destruction of Hamas.

In response, Hamas posted a video on social media on the 20th of the destruction of a military vehicle in the southern city of Khan Yunis, where the Israeli army is intensifying its offensive, and claims that it is continuing to fight thoroughly.

According to health officials in the Gaza Strip, the death toll since the start of Israel's military operation has approached 2,20, and there are concerns that the number of casualties will rise further.

Meanwhile, Hamas revealed on the 2th that its top official Haniyah had visited Egypt, where he had acted as an intermediary in negotiations for the cessation of hostilities and the release of hostages.

Some media outlets have reported that the Israeli side has offered a new temporary pause in hostilities in exchange for the release of hostages held by Hamas, and negotiations may be taking place behind the scenes.

However, Hamas has repeatedly said that a complete ceasefire is necessary for the release of the hostages, and even if negotiations take place, it may be difficult.