1. Trump unelectable?

A historic ruling: The Colorado Supreme Court removes Donald Trump from the ballot. The ex-president is therefore not allowed to run in the Republican primaries in this state. The judges cite the 14th Amendment, which excludes from higher office anyone who has participated in or supported an "uprising against the Constitution." They see it as proven that Trump did just that when he incited his supporters to storm the Capitol on January 6, 2021, in which five people died. He himself argues that his words fall under the right to freedom of expression.

"Trump's team has announced that it will take action against the decision," reports my colleague Anna-Sophie Schneider. "It is likely that the Supreme Court will accept the case given the constitutional implications." What makes the matter legally tricky is that the somewhat vague 14th Amendment explicitly mentions some higher offices to which the ban applies, but not explicitly the office of the president. Conversely, the purpose of the law is obviously to protect the constitutional order from its enemies – why should the most powerful office be exempt from this? (An overview of scholarly opinions can be found in the New York Times.)

The outcome of the matter remains to be seen. If all this were the plot of a US television series, it would depend on the time period in which it was set: In "The West Wing" of the early noughties, courageous patriots in both parties and truly independent courts would discourage the crazed ex-president from running again. In later productions such as »Scandal«, »House of Cards« or »Designated Survivor«, however, sinister forces would help him to re-election and transform the country into a dictatorship (more on this here). The zeitgeist, it seems, is less Donaldist than Trumpist. Or just a realist?

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2. Huiiiii, calls the letter on the snail

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Deceleration: Unfortunately not for the delivery drivers

Photo: Frank May / picture-alliance/ dpa

Have you done the Christmas mail yet? But then fast! Parcels must be posted today so that they still have a realistic chance of arriving on time. You have until tomorrow to send letters and postcards. In the future, however, Swiss Post will officially be under less time pressure, and as early as spring 2024, we could all have to wait longer for letters.

The Federal Cabinet has approved a proposal to reform the Postal Act. Swiss Post still has to deliver at least 80 percent of the letters posted on the next working day, but in future there will only be a minimum value for the third working day after posting, then 95 percent. The rules, which date back to the <>s and are therefore outdated, should be adapted to the Internet age, it was said. Sounds like logic yoga: Because everything goes faster in the digital world, should Swiss Post go slowly?

This reminds me of an exercise at the journalism school: We received a press release from the railway, according to which the third class would be abolished, but the previous third class would be called second class in the future and the previous second class would become first class. The correct headline, our instructor thought, would have been: Railway abolishes first class. So be careful, in case the post office should announce soon: Turbo letter service introduced.

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3. Flood of applications, application frenzy

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Tesla models in front of the factory in Brandenburg: The industry could do much more

Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images

No surprise from the department: Shortly before the end of the application deadline on Sunday, the responsible office recorded a real rush for e-car funding. 1840 applications on Thursday, 7295 on Saturday, 4376 on Sunday (more here).

The abrupt end of the government's purchase premium for electric cars is shaking buyers, dealers and manufacturers, report my colleagues Arvid Haitsch and Lukas Kissel (read more here). The traffic light strategy has failed, Arvid believes. "It urgently needs to formulate a new plan now – and hold the industry accountable."

Car managers could and should also do much more – and prove that their products can survive on the market without state aid. "There is now a wide range of high-performance models, but some of them have waiting lists that last for years or are completely closed," Arvid writes. "It doesn't look like there's a fundamental problem with demand." Unfortunately, however, it seems to be the case that the profit margin of the passenger cars is more important to the bosses than the mass business. "If it's going to be electric, it's going to be an expensive SUV."

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News and background information on the war in the Middle East can be found here:

  • Israel apparently offers Hamas a new ceasefire: According to a media report, Israel has made a proposal for a new hostage deal with Hamas. A delegation of the terrorist organization is expected in Egypt for talks.

  • Hamas leader Sinwar is said to have narrowly escaped the Israeli army's grasp: Yahya Sinwar leads Hamas in the Gaza Strip and is said to be one of the planners of the October 7 massacre: Now, according to a report, Israel's army has narrowly failed to catch him several times.

  • What distinguishes the Houthis from pirates – and what might help: The region around the Suez Canal has already been the scene of vicious attacks: pirates attacked container ships at the time. Expert Lars Jensen explains where the difference lies with the Houthi attacks and sees Germany as having a duty.

What else is important today

  • List of cuts in the cabinet – here the traffic light wants to save: The Federal Cabinet has dealt with the reduction plans for the 2024 federal budget. The list of savings suggestions at a glance.

  • Poland's new government dismisses the leadership of the state media – channels no longer receivable: Under the national-conservative PiS party, the public media in Poland are said to have only engaged in propaganda. Now successor Tusk has cracked down on the leadership – with immediate consequences.

  • Storm surges expected on the North Sea and Elbe: At least 1.5 metres above normal high: The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency expects extreme water levels in the Elbe region from Thursday evening. Ferry traffic to the North Sea islands is also affected.

My favorite story today: OPTIONAL, PLEASE ASK

Text Text Text

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What we recommend today at SPIEGEL+

  • Why do you suddenly need pilots again, Mr. Spohr? During the pandemic, Lufthansa discontinued its pilot training, supposedly there was no need for it for years. Now she is recruiting new recruits again. How does that fit together? Head of training Matthias Spohr justifies himself .

  • Coming Home for Covid: The doctors' offices are overcrowded, even the Federal Chancellor has been caught: Germany is sick. What can we do to counter the impending Christmas wave?

What is less important today

I love Hugh: Ex-soccer star Bastian Schweinsteiger, 39, says he has secured a small park in London for his marriage proposal to ex-tennis star Ana Ivanović, 36. In the podcast »Phrasenmäher« of the »Bild« newspaper, he said that it was the park from the movie »Notting Hill«. He had "secretly rented it for an hour."

Mini Concave Mirror

Here you can find the whole concave mirror.

Cartoon of the Day

And tonight?

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Photo: Atlantic Records / YouTube

Could you get in the mood for Christmas and let the »Barbie« year come to an end: Ryan Gosling, together with soundtrack producer Mark Ronson, has re-recorded the lament »I'm Just Ken« from the film as a Christmas version (more here).

"This version will no longer intervene in the chart duel of Christmas songs between Brenda Lee and Mariah Carey," reports my colleague Felix Bayer. "But maybe it can be understood as an advertisement for the fact that of all the different songs from 'Barbie' that are on the nomination lists, for the Grammys, the Golden Globes, 'I'm Just Ken' is the prettiest one." That would be great.

Have a nice evening. Heartily

Yours sincerely, Oliver Trenkamp, Editor-in-Chief