Mohammed Deif survived seven Israeli assassination attempts targeting him (Al Jazeera Archive)

Israeli media reported that Mohammed Deif, commander-in-chief of the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), is "in good health," moving on his feet without a wheelchair, contrary to Israeli intelligence services' assessments that indicated that he had lost his ability to move in a previous assassination attempt.

In the context of talking about "another failure" of the occupation army intelligence, the Israeli Channel 12 revealed the existence of videos in the possession of the Israeli security services showing Mohammed Al-Deif in good health, and walking on his feet, contrary to the estimates of the Israeli intelligence, which believed that he was paralyzed after previous failed assassination attempts.

For its part, Maariv newspaper said that until the discovery of these videos, "Israel lived the illusion of the guest's illness, and the fact that his health condition is deteriorating and unable to walk, only to discover today the failure of its estimates," adding that the recordings show that the guest's health condition is much better than Israel estimated, and that he is able to move alone without using a wheelchair and is able to move his hands.

The newspaper explained that the discovery of these videos came as part of an intelligence-gathering operation in the Gaza Strip, and that the guest "was seen walking on his feet, albeit with a slight limp, and in another video sitting in a different place.

Wrong ratings

Maariv stated that it appears from the videos that the guest's condition is much better than was estimated in Israel, after a long series of attacks and attempts to thwart him, and he was even injured in some of them. The guest can walk alone and does not use a wheelchair, and may also use both hands.

"The fact that the guest is alive, working and in relatively good condition, even able to walk alone and show physical functional independence, is completely contrary to the detailed intelligence assessments in his case in recent years," the newspaper said.

She also noted that those responsible for these inaccurate assessments will be held accountable "when the day comes to examine intelligence failures in their various contexts, the guest situation will be dealt with separately.

Deif survived seven previous assassination attempts, some of them seriously, and the Israeli occupation army distributed leaflets in the Gaza Strip and promised a large cash prize of $100,<> and more to those who would provide credible information about the whereabouts of Hamas officials, such as Mohammed Deif.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies