Mali: JNIM broadcasts two videos of soldiers taken hostage in Farabougou

In Mali, the Al Qaeda-linked Group for the Support of Islam and Muslims (JNIM) released two videos of soldiers being taken hostage in Farabougou. This village in the Ségou region of central Mali had suffered a jihadist attack just a week ago. An attack in which several dozen Malian soldiers and traditional Dozo hunters were killed by JNIM, which also recovered a quantity of military equipment.

Satellite image of the village of Farabougou in central Mali. Google Map

By: David Baché


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One is a lieutenant, he speaks French. The other, a corporal, speaks in Bambara. The two men, filmed in front of coloured fabrics, state their identities, specify the date of the recording, 16 December for one, 19 December for the other, and explain that they were captured during the attack on Farabougou, while they were "on duty" for Mali.

In particular, they are asking the transitional president, Colonel Assimi Goïta, the Minister of Defence, Xolonel Sadio Camara, and the Minister of Reconciliation, Colonel Ismaël Wagué, to allow them to be reunited with their families. "Our fate depends entirely on you," one hostage repeats repeatedly. The other specifies the jihadists' demand for their release: that JNIM fighters, in exchange, be released from prison.

Both men claim to be in good health, although one recalls his advanced age.

After the attack on Farabougou a week ago, JNIM claimed responsibility for killing 30 soldiers and taking three others prisoner. The army, without disclosing a death toll, said it had repelled the attack with a vigorous response.

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