According to the Japanese embassy, "the problem remains unresolved," the diplomatic department told RBC.

Sergey Lavrov previously gave an interview in which he said: "We do not have any territorial disputes with NATO countries. In general, we no longer have territorial disputes with anyone. In particular, all territorial disputes with Japan have been closed. They are well aware of this."

The Russian authorities have repeatedly spoken about the indisputability of Russia's sovereignty over the Kuril Islands. As noted in the Kremlin, so far there are no prospects for negotiations on a peace treaty with Japan. According to Dmitry Peskov, Japan has actively joined the camp of unfriendly states.

At the same time, the Japanese side used the wording about the "illegal occupation of the northern territories" in Japan's 2023 Blue Book on Diplomacy. In response to this, Moscow recalled that Russia does not accept such a formulation of the issue and such formulations, because the Kuril Islands are an integral part of the Russian Federation.