Guinea: After deadly explosion, Mamadi Doumbouya declares three days of national mourning

The death toll from the fire that broke out in the port of Conakry after the explosion of the main fuel depot on December 18 remains at eighteen. In tribute to the victims, the head of the transition decreed three days of national mourning on Wednesday evening.

People observe the blast site from behind the security fence after an oil terminal explosion in Conakry, Guinea, Dec. 19, 2023. REUTERS - STRINGER

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Following the fire at the country's main fuel depot in Conakry, which caused the death of 18 people on Sunday night, the president of the transition, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, announced three days of national mourning on Wednesday.


In the face of this painful ordeal, I am declaring a three-day national mourning starting Thursday " he said in a speech on Guinean television.

Today, we are all deeply affected by this tragedy.


Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya, President of the Transition

« There will be no additional cost »

And faced with Guineans' concerns about fuel shortages, the government is trying to reassure about stocks. According to the authorities, the country can rely on the available diesel stock, as five ferries at the large depot in Coronthie were not affected. There would also be enough fuel oil, according to the government spokesman, so that freight transport and industry would not be affected by the fire.

The Coronthie depot has a capacity of 63 million litres of diesel and 20 million heavy fuel oils. The urgency now is therefore the supply of petrol. The country is negotiating with its neighbours such as Côte d'Ivoire to supply the Kankan region and Sierra Leone for the capital Conakry.

As for concerns about a possible and logical surge in prices after the loss caused by the fire, the government is keen to reassure. "There will be no extra cost," he insists.

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