"I propose to consider the possibility of refusing to launch fireworks in Moscow on New Year's Eve and direct the saved funds to the needs of the front," RIA Novosti quotes the text of the deputy's letter to Sobyanin.

Gusev noted that many Russian regions have already abandoned large-scale festive events and fireworks.

"At a time when our soldiers are holding the world on their shoulders at the front, it is very strange to hold holidays and set off fireworks," he added.

The governor of the Stavropol Territory, Vladimir Vladimirov, said earlier that the authorities decided not to hold large-scale entertainment events for the New Year.

The governor proposed to direct the saved funds to help the fighters of the special military operation.

The mayor of Sochi, Alexei Kopaygorodsky, also said that there would be no fireworks for Christmas and New Year in the city.