Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held a telephone conversation with Philippine Foreign Minister Manalo, who is facing deepening territorial disputes in the South China Sea, and asserted that "bilateral relations are facing serious difficulties" and called for the restoration of relations through dialogue.

In the waters of the South China Sea, which China and the Philippines dispute over territorial claims, conflicts between the two countries have deepened since August, with ships of the two countries colliding and Chinese coast guard vessels repeatedly releasing water into Philippine military transport vessels.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Foreign Minister Wang Yi claimed in a telephone conversation on the 8th that "the relationship between China and the Philippines is facing serious difficulties, and the root cause is that the Philippine side has changed its policy and position."

He also called for the restoration of relations through dialogue, saying, "The two countries are neighbors in the same area, and disputes should be resolved through talks."

The Philippines has recently become increasingly wary of China and has shown an emphasis on cooperative relations with the United States and Japan, and it seems that China wants to avoid a decisive confrontation.

According to the Chinese Foreign Ministry, the two foreign ministers agreed to hold early talks on the South China Sea, but Foreign Minister Wang strongly warned, "If the Philippines continues to collude with malicious external forces to cause chaos, we will respond resolutely," and it is unclear whether relations will be repaired.