"90 percent of the security assistance we've provided to Ukraine has been spent here in the United States, it's benefited American businesses, workers, and communities, and it's strengthened our nation's defense industrial base," the secretary said.

The head of the White House Office of Management and Budget, Shalanda Young, also previously admitted that most of the money allocated to Ukraine goes to the American military-industrial complex, which, among other things, offers jobs.

US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan spoke about how weapons are supplied: the administration uses the money allocated by Congress in order to replenish its own, American weapons reserves, when weapons from them are sent to Ukraine.

Thierry Mariani, a member of the European Parliament from France, drew attention to this. He stressed that the United States dragged Europe into the Ukrainian conflict, now European countries will have to pay for the restoration of Ukraine for many years, Washington will meanwhile profit from this.