Apple Watch will be able to alert owners in case of high blood pressure from normal measurements (Getty Images)

Apple is developing new health-related features for its smartwatch in preparation for its availability with upcoming releases in 2024.

According to the American newspaper Bloomberg in its latest report, the expected features include the ability to track blood pressure through the wrist, where the watch will be able to detect high blood pressure through measurements made by special sensors on the blood vessels in the wrist, as well as detecting cases of sleep apnea through measurements and breathing patterns, and then alerting users if abnormal results are noticed.

The report indicated that the Apple Watch will be able to alert its owners in the event of high blood pressure from normal measurements so that they can inform the attending physician, but the watch will not initially provide any specific measurements of systolic and diastolic pressure, as is the case in devices specialized in measuring blood pressure.

Apple usually offers these health features to guide users and alert them when abnormal measurements are detected, and in no way replace receiving medical advice or resorting to the use of devices specialized in measurement, and Apple is expected to launch one of the versions of its next watch with a new improved design, which is most likely the basic version of the watch.

Diagnosing sleep apnea usually requires a sleep study test at a specialized center, but the technology may help make it easier to diagnose conditions with mild symptoms and signs, or track cases that have already been diagnosed, and contribute to improved sleep.

Court ruling halting sales

On the other hand, Apple announced that it will soon stop sales of its flagship models of its smartwatch in the United States, and the "Apple Watch Series 9" and "Apple Watch Ultra 2" will not be available for purchase in America soon.

The move follows an International Trade Commission ruling on a long-running patent dispute between the iPhone maker and medical tech company Massimo over smartwatch blood oxygen sensing technology.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 will not be available for ordering from Apple's website after December 21, and smartwatches inside retail stores will not be available for sale after the 24th of the same month.

Source: Reuters