Palestinian resistance captured dozens of Israelis, including soldiers, during the Al-Aqsa flood (social media)

Israeli journalist Yossi Melman said that the Israeli army is obliged to disclose the number of detainees killed by its fire in the Gaza Strip, days after the Israeli army admitted to killing three detainees by mistake.

Although Millman asserted that "it's bad to ask questions that might help improve Hamas's image," he stressed that the IDF has an obligation to tell the truth, even if it is painful.

Millman wrote in a tweet on the X website that through the Israeli army's investigations on the three detainees, it appears that their "captors" were killed in battle with the Israeli army, but they did not kill the detainees, pointing to the talk of other detainees who had previously been released about the resistance elements assuring these detainees that they would not kill them.

The Israeli journalist quoted Hamas leader Hussam Badran as telling the Wall Street Journal that the occupation forces killed 60 Israeli prisoners out of 150 who were detained by the resistance after the truce and the prisoner exchange deal between the resistance and Israel about a month ago.

Millman said Badran's speech "may be psychological warfare and a prelude to justifying their capture killing," but stresses the need for clarification by the Israeli army, which has previously indicated that there are 128 detainees in Gaza so far.

The novel of the occupation army

An investigation by the Israeli occupation army into the case of the accidental killing of 3 Israeli prisoners in Gaza by its soldiers revealed that the dead were waving white flags and that one of them was begging in Hebrew to say "save us", although the force shot them.

The incident took place in the Shujaiya neighborhood in the Gaza Strip, which the occupation considers one of the difficult and complex fighting zones.

The three abductees left a building dozens of meters away from the building where the Israeli army force is located. A soldier saw them walk out of the building without shirts and carrying a stick with a white cloth, whom he considered a threat, shouted "terrorists" at his comrades and started shooting at them.

According to Israeli media, two were killed instantly and the third escaped injured inside the building again, starting to shout from inside his hiding place, "Save me. Save me" in Hebrew.

As soon as he heard the screams of the third, the military commander – who is a major – gave the orders for a ceasefire, and here the wounded prisoner came out reassuring from the building, and a soldier hurried him to shoot him dead in violation of the orders of the field commander.

After the killing of the "hostages", the occupation soldiers had doubts about the identity of the dead, so they were transferred to Israel, and after examining the bodies, it was found that they were prisoners of the resistance in Gaza.

Source : Al Jazeera + Social Media