– It is a good temporary solution for VSK to be able to play the home games in Västerås, says Vicki Skure Eriksson (C), chairman of the committee for sports, leisure and prevention at the city of Västerås.

On Wednesday afternoon, the City of Västerås, the property owner Rocklunda Fastigheter and Västerås SK football presented how to meet the Swedish Football Association's arena requirements for VSK's play in the 2024 football Allsvenskan.

Applying for an exemption

According to the property owner, a lot will be in place for the series premiere, such as requirements for lighting and camera surveillance, however, they will apply for exemptions for several "small things".

"You can get an exemption for things we can't fulfill right away, but then we need to show the Football Association that we also have a plan going forward. We are working on this in parallel," says Johan Boman Smede, Property Manager at Rocklunda Fastigheter.

The temporary grandstand, which began to be built on one short side this week, will initially accommodate 500 people. It will eventually take 2,000 people.

In the clip, you can hear Vicki Skure Eriksson (C), Chair of the Committee for Sports, Leisure and Prevention and Johan Boman Smede, Head of Property Management at Rocklunda Fastigheter.

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In the clip: See the nostalgic pictures and meet some of the main characters who have been involved in shaping Västerås SK. Photo: SVT/arkiv