Svetlana works as a volunteer and helps children in Donetsk. On July 5, she stayed at home: it was necessary to make lists of children to be sent to Moscow for vacation. After finishing her work, Svetlana went outside for a walk, where she was stopped by a loud noise.

"I felt a vibration in the air. I saw that a golden spot was flying at me, and at the last moment I managed to fall to the ground. The shell flew directly over my head and crashed into the foundation of the house," the RT interlocutor recalls.

Later, according to Svetlana, military investigators measured the angle of impact of the shell and reported that if it had not fallen to the ground, it would not have been possible to survive.

Shechkova suffered a severe concussion, and one of the shrapnel hit her in the abdomen.

"I was bleeding from my mouth and nose. I pressed the wound in the liver area with one hand and lifted the other to be noticed. Other wounded people were moaning nearby," she said.

Russian servicemen and medics who arrived at the scene of the explosion began to provide assistance to the victims, but at that moment the alarm began again.

"The soldiers shouted that a second shell was flying. I crawled as hard as I could, digging my nails into the ground. But it flew to another place. The soldier picked me up in his arms, dragged me into the car, and I was taken to the hospital," the victim sighs.

Svetlana has undergone several surgeries to remove shrapnel and is now undergoing rehabilitation.