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At a joint press briefing with his French counterpart Catherine Colonna, David Cameron, the British Foreign Secretary affirmed that France and Britain will continue to be strong supporters of Ukraine.

The United Kingdom and France will support Ukraine "for as long as necessary," British Foreign Minister David Cameron said Tuesday in Paris, deeming it "essential that Putin loses" the war. London and Paris "have been strong supporters of Ukraine and will continue to be so for as long as necessary," Cameron said at a joint press briefing with his French counterpart Catherine Colonna.

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"It's essential that he loses"

If that support continues, "I have no doubt that (Russian President Vladimir) Putin will lose, and it is essential that he loses," he said. "The first act was Russia's staggering failure to achieve its goals. The second act was the resounding resistance of the Ukrainians who pushed back the Russians. And of course, the third act is more difficult," he said, as Ukraine struggles on the ground against Russian forces.

"The fourth act is yet to be written and we have to make sure that it is written in the right way," he added. "Our two countries, hand in hand from the beginning, are working together to ensure that Russian aggression cannot be rewarded," Colonna said. "We hope that this cooperation can be further strengthened," she added. "The fate of Ukraine is obviously at stake, but also the security of the European continent."