Jean-Baptiste Marty, edited by Alexandre Dalifard / Photo credit: BENOIT PEYRUCQ / AFP 06:33, December 18, 2023

This Monday, on the penultimate day of the trial of Monique Olivier, tried for complicity in murder in three cases that occurred between 1988 and 2003, the prosecutors' closing arguments are expected. Life imprisonment should be requested against Michel Fourniret's ex-wife.

Penultimate day in the trial of Monique Olivier. The ex-wife of the ogre of the Ardennes, Michel Fourniret, is on trial for complicity in murder in three cases that occurred between 1988 and 2003, including that of Estelle Mouzin, a nine-year-old girl who disappeared in Guermantes in Seine-et-Marne. And this Monday, December 18, it is the requisitions of the Advocates General that are expected.

A judicial shipwreck

Not surprisingly, the required sentence should be maximum: life imprisonment for Monique Olivier. She has already confessed to her involvement in the three cases tried here and has already been serving a sentence since 2008 for the same offences, i.e. complicity in the kidnapping and murder of seven other girls. These requisitions are almost known, but that is not what is at stake in the trial. The objective of the three weeks was to find out where the bodies of Estelle Mouzin, a 9-year-old girl who disappeared in 2003, and Marie-Angèle Domene, who disappeared in 1988, are buried.

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But Monique Olivier insists that she doesn't know where they are. This trial is thus heading towards failure. During the pleadings last Friday, the lawyer for Estelle Mouzin's family, Didier Seban, spoke of a judicial shipwreck and a ruined trial. The verdict is expected on Tuesday.