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International newspapers continue to cover the developments of the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and its various repercussions at the local and international level, including what experts believe that Israel is far from toppling the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas), and addressing the damage caused by the photos and videos of the occupation soldiers to the image of Israel abroad.

The Jerusalem Post quoted experts as saying that complex urban warfare will prolong the war and make victory less clear to Israel, while one of them, researcher Michael Milstein, believes that Israel is far from toppling Hamas, and that the resistance will continue even if the movement's head in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, is assassinated.

In an article, Le Monde's Jerusalem correspondent, Louis Imbert, said that the photos and videos published by Israeli soldiers penetrating into the southern Gaza city of Khan Yunis, with the aim of giving the public a sense of the success of the military operation despite the increasing number of their deaths, are harming Israel abroad.

Aid agencies and health workers have warned of the spread of disease among Gaza's two million displaced people, many of whom live in the open or in cramped shelters as winter sets in.

The Financial Times reported that the loss of entire families is destroying Gaza's social fabric, where intense bombardment has exterminated multiple generations of Palestinians.

The tradition of Gazan families living together in multi-storey buildings, as well as relatives moving into each other's homes in search of safety during the war, means that hundreds of multigenerational families have been wiped out entirely in single or multiple raids.

Perry Bacon wrote in an op-ed for the Washington Post that US President Joe Biden's policy toward Gaza is the latest blundering in US foreign affairs.

The Biden administration's strong support for Israel, which is destroying Gaza and indiscriminately killing Palestinian civilians, is the latest reminder that the U.S. government, whether led by a Democrat or Republican, often has a bad approach to foreign affairs, not as strong a defender of democracy and freedom as it claims.

Source : Al Jazeera