Moscow, 12 Dec (ZXS) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin said on 11 December when attending the flag-raising ceremony for the entry of the "Alexander III" and "Krasnoyarsk" nuclear submarines into the ranks in Severodvinsk that Russia will continue to enhance its naval strength and provide the navy with the most advanced technology and equipment.

According to the Russian president's website, Putin said that the nuclear submarines "Alexander III" and "Krasnoyarsk" will soon be on duty at the Pacific Fleet. A number of strategic nuclear submarines, including the USS Alexander III, are equipped with Bulava intercontinental ballistic missiles and will carry out long-term strategic deterrence missions to defend Russia's security.

Putin stressed that Russia will continue to increase its naval strength, provide the Navy with the most advanced technology and equipment, realize all plans for the construction of submarines and surface ships, and strengthen the combat readiness of the Russian Navy. Within the framework of the State Armaments Program, three strategic nuclear submarines of the Boreas-A class will be delivered to the Navy in the next few years. At the same time, five nuclear submarines of the Yasen-M class are under construction, of which the Arkhangelsk nuclear submarine is in the final stage of outfitting.

"Alexander III" belongs to the "Boreas-A" class of strategic nuclear submarines, equipped with modern missile, torpedo, navigation, radio and sonar weapon systems.

"Krasnoyarsk" belongs to the family of multipurpose nuclear submarines of the "Yasen-M" class, equipped with high-precision long-range missiles for striking surface and shore targets. (ENDS)