Many critical voices were raised before this year's climate summit was to be held in the United Arab Emirates with a chairman, Sultan al-Jaber, who is also the head of the country's major oil companies.

In the final negotiations on a joint climate agreement, 100 countries are demanding that a phase-out of fossil fuels be included in the final version.

"If it remains in the final text, it would be historic. It has never happened before, says SVT's reporter Calle Elfström, who covers the annual climate meeting.

One of the challenges in getting all countries on board in a transition is funding. Rich countries have, in many cases, become rich thanks to the ability to burn fossil fuels, and poor countries believe it is their turn to do the same now.

A group of 20 countries, including Saudi Arabia, China and India, have stated that they believe that richer countries need to take greater responsibility when it comes to emission reductions. If poorer countries are also to make a green transition, they need money, they argue.

"This is an issue that cuts through the entire negotiations and is the key for many poor countries to say yes to the issue," says Calle Elfström.

Listen to SVT's reporter list three key issues ahead of the final negotiations in the video above.