At present, with the accelerated development of a new generation of information technology, the synergistic effect of geographic information data and digital economy has been continuously enhanced, providing reliable data element guarantee for economic and social development. Geographic information data is not only an important strategic data resource, but also a new factor of production, which can be widely used in precision agriculture, energy and power, intelligent networked vehicles and other industries, as well as our daily express online shopping, takeaway and delivery, housekeeping services and other life scenarios. However, some organizations and personnel with ulterior motives have used geographic information system software in an attempt to steal confidential and sensitive geographic information data, which has posed a threat and hidden danger to China's national security.

Reach out to the black hand of geospatial data

GIS software is a professional software with functions such as geographic information data collection, storage, analysis, management, and sharing. These powerful software can annotate all kinds of collected geographic information on the map, and analyze and display it as needed, and the coordinate accuracy can even reach the centimeter level.

However, certain foreign organizations, institutions, and individuals have set their sights on the "big cake" of geographic information data and attempted to use geographic information system software to carry out intelligence theft activities. The means include: automatically connecting to overseas servers during the use of the software, and collecting user data without restrictions; Deliberately pre-built "backdoors" in software to open the door to cyberattacks and data theft, etc.

In addition, a small number of users have weak data security awareness, and mark the high-precision geographical location coordinates of urban pipe networks, military targets, and secret-related units on the map, resulting in serious risks of leakage of secrets, which may cause irreparable losses.

A map of the urban pipe network drawn by overseas GIS software

Special investigation and rectification to cut off the black hand

Geographic information data is high-value intelligence, and it is the focus of intelligence theft by foreign espionage and intelligence agencies. By stealing China's high-precision geographic information data, we can restore three-dimensional geomorphological maps of specific areas in China's transportation, energy, military and other important fields, providing key support for reconnaissance, surveillance, and military operations, which will seriously threaten China's military security.

Recently, the work of the state security organs has discovered that the overseas geographic information system software used in China's relevant important industries and fields has collected external geographic information data, and some of the data is important and sensitive, and even involves state secrets, posing a serious threat to China's national security.

In response to the above circumstances, the state security organs, in conjunction with relevant departments, are to carry out special investigations and governance of geographic information data security risks, guide and assist the units involved in carrying out investigations and rectifications, and promptly eliminate major data theft, leaks, and other potential security risks.

Reminder from the state security organs

I. The "Data Security Law" stipulates that data handling activities shall be carried out in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations, establish and complete a whole-process data security management system, organize and carry out data security education and training, and employ corresponding technical measures and other necessary measures to ensure data security. When carrying out geographic information data collection and processing activities, relevant units and individuals shall select safe and reliable geographic information system software, set up strict access rights according to the importance of the data, and ensure that "secrets are not involved in the Internet, and the Internet is not involved in secrets". State security organs will work with relevant departments to establish and complete coordination mechanisms for data security safeguards, to jointly preserve the security of important national data.

II. The "Counter-espionage Law" stipulates that stealing, espionage, buying, or illegally providing data related to national security and interests carried out by foreign institutions, organizations, or individuals, or instigated or financed by others, or carried out by domestic institutions, organizations, or individuals in collusion with them, is an act of espionage. Citizens who discover relevant acts can report to the state security organs by calling the 12339 reporting hotline, logging in to the Internet reporting acceptance platform, or reporting to the state security organs through the WeChat official account of the Ministry of State Security.

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