During the election campaign, Milei has attracted a great deal of international attention, including statements about banning abortion and legalizing organ trafficking. He also wants to fundamentally reform the Argentine state apparatus, and has already signed a decree more than halving the number of ministries in the country.

"He's a real outsider. He has been compared to both Donald Trump and former Brazilian President Bolsonaro, but he is a much bigger outsider than them. Milei has no political experience, says SVT's Latin America correspondent Tigran Feiler.

Hugged Zelenskyy

Argentina has had good relations with Russia in the past, but Milei seems to want to change that. Instead, he wants to position Argentina closer to Western countries, and he is keen to create good relations with the United States, Israel – and Ukraine.

Ukrainian President Zelenskyy attended the inauguration of what became his first official visit to Latin America. There, Zelenskyy and Milei were seen hugging each other, and Tigran Feiler describes it as an emotional meeting.

"Argentina has been invited to join the BRICS cooperation, which is led by Russia, among others. Milei has said that he will turn it down, he doesn't want to be part of that club, he says.

"Will be a central figure"

But political leaders such as Hungary's Viktor Orbán and Brazil's Jair Bolsonaro were also present at the ceremony. Milei attracts leaders from the world's far right, says Tigran Feiler.

"A lot of people want to be a part of this and see it as an opportunity to build alliances. Milei will probably be a central figure in this movement.