Russian President Vladimir Putin is expected to show off his military power at the commissioning ceremony of a new nuclear submarine capable of carrying nuclear weapons, and aim to restrain Ukraine and the West.

On the 11th, in Severodvinsk in northwestern Russia, the commissioning ceremony of two new nuclear submarines capable of carrying nuclear missiles "Tsar Alexander III" was held, and President Putin attended.

In his speech, President Putin said, "We will strengthen our naval power in strategically important waters from the Arctic to the Far East and the Black Sea," and revealed that he is building three more nuclear submarines called the "Borei class."

"Tsar Alexander III" will be the seventh ship of the Borei class to be deployed in the Pacific Fleet in the Far East, he said, stressing that "these nuclear submarines will ensure the security of Russia for many years and carry out the task of strategic deterrence." It seems to be aimed at restraining the West in supporting Ukraine.

On the other hand, the Russian army is intensifying its offensive in eastern Ukraine, and the commander of the Ukrainian Army, Syrsky, posted on SNS on the 3th that the Russian side is launching an attack by introducing additional assault units.

The British Ministry of Defense said on the 2th that the fiercest fighting in the past week is in Avdiivka, Donetsk Oblast, and the attack of the Russian army is mainly an assault by the unit "Storm Z" composed of prisoners and others.