"It's great," says Bismillah Izdari, who lives in Lessebo but works in Växjö.

The investment in Krösatåg has been discussed for several years, and it has been in demand, not least in the small towns where the Öresund trains do not stop.

There will be two departures in each direction, one in the early morning and one in the afternoon.

Million-dollar investment

But new train lines are not free – this one costs the taxpayers in Kronoberg about six million kronor a year. In Kalmar, it is an investment of about SEK 750,000 a year, as they have already operated the Kalmar – Emmaboda route with Krösatåg.

"I really hope that those who commute see the opportunity with another trip and that it creates a larger region compared to Kalmar. You can live in one place and work in another, says Carina Bengtsson (C), chairman of the traffic committee in Kronoberg.