Chad: Opposition leader Succès Masra changes course and calls for a 'yes' to the new constitution

Chadian opposition leader Succès Masra is now calling for a "yes" vote in the December 17 constitutional referendum, in a notable change of direction by the president of the Transformers party. The opponent had not previously taken a position in favour of either a yes or a no vote on the new constitution, but he said he changed his mind when he met the Chadian population during his caravan through the country.

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Opposition leader Succes Masra, here during an address to supporters of Chad's opposition party Les Transformateurs for the first time since his return from exile in N'Djamena, November 19, 2023. © Denis Sassou Gueipeur / AFP

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Succès Masra was in favour of "neither yes nor no" in the constitutional referendum, but the president of the Transformers finally opted for a "yes" vote, after taking the pulse of the Chadian population, who according to him do not want to prolong the transition.

« When we asked these Chadians if they want us to extend the transition further and resubmit a new project, leaving the possibility of having a second extension of the transition, the answer is almost unanimous. That's a no. »

The proposed Constitution is not perfect, the president of the Transformers acknowledges. But it is, he believes, better than the previous ones.

« The Constitution, as it is presented today in a referendum, appears to be a Constitution that is better than the 1996 Constitution, because it allows for the election of governors, for example. It is better than the 2020 election, which raised the age to 40, which has divided Chadians. This Constitution that is being presented is not perfect, but it is better. »

The Transformers, says Succès Masra, will amend this Constitution if they come to power. This, he promises, while responding to the development challenges in Chad.


Opposition leader Succès Masra explains his change of opinion on the constitution

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