Along the country roads, the kilometre-long queues wind. In one of the trucks sits 50-year-old truck driver Andrei Sereda, who is on his way back into Ukraine.

He has been waiting in his truck for over two weeks.

"You can't do this. You can't live in this situation.

That is what the blockade is all about

The blockade is being imposed in protest at the way Ukrainian trucks have been allowed into the European market with eased rules – a measure taken jointly by EU countries to help the Ukrainian economy during the war.

However, the Polish drivers believe that they are being outcompeted and that the Ukrainian drivers are dumping prices on the European market.

Hot emotions at the border

The fact that freight companies do not get their trucks back has an impact on the Ukrainian economy. But according to the Reuters news agency, humanitarian aid to Ukraine is also affected, as cargo from aid organizations now has to wait several weeks at the border.

"These protests have really affected the relationship between Poland and Ukraine, which has previously had very tense relations historically," says SVT's Ukraine correspondent Elin Jönsson.

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