The U.S. government has authorized Israel to sell approximately $1.650 million worth of weapons, including tank shells. As the casualties in the Gaza Strip continue to mount, criticism of the provision of more weapons to Israel is expected to intensify.

The U.S. State Department announced on the 9th that it had authorized Israel to sell weapons worth about 1.650 million dollars, or more than 154.<> billion yen in Japan yen, including tank shells.

Normally, the sale of weapons to foreign countries is carried out after congressional review, but this time, the State Department took the procedure of selling without congressional examination as 'there is an urgency to immediately sell weapons to Israel for the security of the United States.'

The Biden administration has emphasized that it is urging Israel to take action to protect civilians in the Gaza Strip.

However, as the number of civilian casualties due to Israeli military attacks continues to increase, some members of the ruling Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) have also voiced that certain conditions should be set for the provision of weapons to Israel, and it is expected that criticism from home and abroad will intensify for the provision of further weapons.