Since September, SVT has sought the chairman of the health and social care committee, Monica Kjellman (L), to get an interview about how LSS works in Österåker. She did not want to be interviewed.

"What has happened recently is that politicians do not answer questions. It's a threat to democracy, says the chairman of the Swedish Publicist Club, Robert Aschberg.

Responsible politician says he does not know

When SVT, during a meeting for the public, confronts Monica Kjellman (L) with the erroneous text, she says she does not know it.

"They lie to get away with it. That's how I interpret it," says Robert Aschberg.

Don't want to listen to recorded calls

The Liberals refer to a telephone conversation and claim, among other things, that SVT refused to agree to email questions in advance and that Monica Kjellman (L) therefore did not want to be interviewed. When SVT offers to play the recorded conversation for Monica Kjellman, she doesn't want to listen.

Susan El Hark is the political secretary of the Liberal Party in Österåker.

"We give the truth we have," she says.

The chairman of the Swedish Publicist Club, Robert Aschberg, thinks that it is a bad way to handle a crisis when you do not answer questions but instead choose to publish answers in your own platforms.

"They try to find their own ways to get 'their truth' out. But there are no different truths," says Robert Aschberg.