This week, five students in the cutting-edge technology program at Hitachi High School arranged a try-out day for girls and non-binary high school students in Västerås. The reason: they think that too few girls and non-binary people apply to the technical programs. Something they now want to change.

"We had hoped for a few more, but at the same time we are happy for those who came here," says Cecilia Ek, who together with her classmates Ängla Törnros, Emilia Romberg, Elvira Tapper and Ebba Rydell arranged the technology day.


Third-year student Elvira Tapper describes the problem of few girls applying to the technology programmes as a catch-22.

"There are few girls and non-binary people who attend the courses today. And then it also becomes more difficult to attract more people here. It's hard to be first," says Elvira Tapper.

In the clip, technology student Cecilia Ek answers why it is important to have diversity in the technology programs in high school.