The Nobel Banquet is a large apparatus with 1,300 guests, nearly 200 waiters and around 50 chefs. It is an organization that is well-oiled down to the smallest detail. Five students and teacher Beatrice Carlsson from Åre Restaurant School will be among the waiters at the Nobel Banquet:

"Everything happens not only in the minute, but also in the second. So there's an incredible amount of logistics behind it. And then it's really important that everyone knows exactly what to do," says Beatrice Carlsson, teacher for the restaurant and food programme in Åre.

Hoping to attract more students to the programme

"We could use more students, so we also hope that the opportunity to be at the city hall and show off spreads ripples on the water so that we also get students from other parts of Sweden," says Beatrice.

"We practice serving in our own restaurant every week, you have to carry ten plates at the Nobel banquet and it's very heavy," says student Ida Widlert. Photo: Eva Danielsson/SVT