"This year, Russians began to prepare for the New Year in advance and have already begun to search for the main characters of the holiday. In November, the number of requests for the services of Santa Claus and Snow Maidens alone increased by 46% compared to the same period last year. Most of all, demand increased in Ulyanovsk (+117%), Ufa (+90%), Rostov-on-Don (+81%) and Saratov (+80%)," said Artem Kumpel, Managing Director of Avito Rabota and Avito Services.

According to him, user reviews on the site will help you choose the perfect Santa Claus or other hero for the holiday according to the ad.

In addition, as Kumpel emphasized, the average cost of inviting Santa Claus and Snow Maiden to your home in Russia today starts from 1.5 thousand rubles per service.

"The price may vary depending on the duration of the performance, the content of the program or the date - the services of animators directly on New Year's Eve will cost more. In addition, the cost of animators' services fluctuates depending on the composition and experience. For example, the services of theater students and aspiring actors can be cheaper," the source explained to RT.

It is noted that at the end of November, the most expensive services of Santa Claus and the Snow Maiden will cost residents of Sochi (from 3.5 thousand rubles per service), Moscow (from 3 thousand rubles) and Vladivostok (from 2990 rubles).

In turn, the YouDo service also explained that in the last two weeks of November, the demand for the services of animators and event hosts increased sharply.

"Thus, the demand for services in the Events & Promotions category was 36% compared to the same period last month. The most popular performers of the category were the hosts of New Year's corporate parties, animators and Santa Claus with Snow Maidens. Users are looking for responsible performers for both adult and children's events and pre-book those who will wish family members a Happy New Year. The average cost of the services of Santa Claus in November in the country is 2672,2351 rubles, the Snow Maiden is <>,<> rubles," they added.

The press service of the online service for finding specialists "Profi" recommended paying attention to the experience of the specialist, his portfolio and reviews.

"Good animators always have a clear portfolio, answer all questions without any problems, and have positive feedback — they are often the ones who most clearly show their qualifications. We recommend that you do not agree to an advance payment and transfer money after the fact. If the event is large-scale and the specialist does not agree to participate in it without prepayment, then it is necessary to sign a contract and only then pay for the work," the company explained.

Earlier, the press service of Roslesinforg told in an interview with RT how prices for Christmas trees will change, and also gave Russians advice on how to choose the right tree for the holiday.