The number of soldiers sent to Ukraine from Sakhalin Oblast in the Russian Far East and killed in battle has increased sharply in the past two months, according to information sent by local governors. As fierce fighting continues in eastern Ukraine and other areas, the number of casualties is increasing, and on the 2th, a memorial ceremony was held in Sakhalin Oblast to unveil a memorial monument commemorating the soldiers.

The Russian government has hardly disclosed the number of deaths of soldiers who participated in the military invasion of Ukraine, but Governor Limalenko of the Far Eastern Sakhalin Oblast has posted the name and rank of a soldier dispatched from the state on SNS every time he dies to commemorate him.

When this information was aggregated, it was found that the average number of deaths per month increased from 8 last year to 10 in October and 36 last month.

In Ukraine, Ukrainian and Russian forces continue to engage in fierce fighting in eastern Donetsk Oblast and other areas.

The British Ministry of Defense and others say that the number of casualties on the Russian side is increasing, and Governor Limarenko's information confirms this view.

Governor Limalenko revealed in a video sent out on the 43th that a cenotaph was erected to commemorate the soldiers at the cemetery in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, the central city of the region, and an unveiling ceremony was held.

In it, the governor greeted, "We, as one family, have gathered here to see off our sons for their final departure," and the voices of the bereaved families who attended were also posted in the video.

A mother who lost her son said, "I'm proud of my son, he fought to protect his family and his homeland," and a woman who lost her brother said, "I can't express this pain in words."

The cenotaph, which is about 9 meters high, is also designed with the letter "Z", which has become a symbol of support for the military invasion.

By viewing the deceased soldiers as heroes, it seems that the aim is to promote the unity of people in wartime.

Brand new graves one after another

In one corner of the Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk cemetery, where the cenotaph was erected, brand new graves of soldiers who died in Ukraine are being erected one after another.

Each tombstone is engraved with a caricature in addition to the soldier's name and date of death, and is decorated with the Russian flag and the flag of the unit to which he belonged.

In addition, a huge electronic bulletin board in the city center shows the faces and names of the dead soldiers, honoring them and appealing to patriotism, in an attempt to renew support for the military invasion.