Start the video to hear about the risks that can exist – especially for young girls.

Malin sits in front of her computer and manages the bookings for the evening. In a few hours, the bed she's sitting in will be filled with naked singles and couples sharing their bodies.

"There are still people trying to book in, we have a queue for tomorrow. And the address is not released until two days before, she says.

Malin slipped into the swinger life in 2012 and a few years later she was asked to work there, which she accepted.

Security is important

For Malin, it is important that everyone should feel safe at the club, which is why, according to her, there is a solid system to ensure the safety of visitors. According to Malin, it is very rare for people to disobey the rules regarding consent and respect.

Despite this, Malin admits that it is not always possible to guarantee the safety of visitors.

"You can't be 100 percent on it, but we have all the prerequisites to keep bad individuals away," she says.

Footnote: Malin's real name is something else.

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Maja, 61, goes to a swinger club – with a 31-year-old man. Here she shows us what kind of rooms there are, including the sex swing, and even the iron bed where 17 people were once squeezed in at the same time. Photo: Dalmar Namazi/SVT