In an NHK "Sunday debate" on the issue of the LDP's faction's political fundraising party, the LDP indicated its intention to take drastic measures once the cause was clarified, while the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan (CDP) insisted that Prime Minister Kishida should be held accountable within the party without waiting for the prosecutor's investigation.

In this context, the chairman of the Fukuoka House of Councillors Policy Council of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) said, "We are under severe scrutiny from the public,
and we feel a sense of crisis because this is a very big issue that will shake the trust of not only the faction but also the LDP. There is certainly a suspicion that it was done by multiple factions, and I would like to start by thoroughly examining what the actual situation was."

Tanabe, secretary-general of the House of Councillors of the Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said, "It is unavoidable to suspect that the creation of money behind the scenes has become the norm for many years. Instead of waiting for an investigation, Prime Minister Kishida should be held accountable and need to work on his own."

Mr. Yanagigase, chairman of the Japan Restoration Association, said, "If you think about why party tickets are sold for hundreds of millions of yen a year, there is a big problem of collusion that has been bought by specific companies and organizations and decided how to spend policies and taxes in return. We should question the relationship between politics and companies and organizations."

Nishida, chairman of the House of Councillors of the New Komeito Party, said, "If true, this is a very serious and extremely serious issue, and I hope that the LDP will be willing to fulfill its accountability. Unless all kinds of political reforms are thoroughly carried out in the next session of the Diet, trust in politics cannot be restored. Naturally, this includes a review of the Political Funds Control Act."

Inoue, secretary-general of the Communist Party's House of Councillors, said: "It has become a bottomless suspicion, and it is necessary to summon the witnesses of the faction's successive secretary-generals in the Diet. We have introduced a bill to ban all corporate and group contributions, including the purchase of party tickets, and we ask for your support."

Funayama, chairman of the House of Councillors of the National Democratic Party of Japan, said, "The people of Japan have a feeling that the issue of politics and money is 'another issue,' and that such problems have been occurring systematically and collectively for many years, and we should keep in mind the dissolution of factions."

Reiwa Shinsengumi Secretary General Takai said, "The LDP has a large amount of donations more than it has been announced, and the real purpose of the donations is to pay taxes to large corporations, and as long as the LDP is the ruling party, the structure will not change."