The 7th is the last day of the G7 = Ministers of Internal Affairs and Security of the seven major countries being held in Mito City, and it is expected that a joint statement will soon be adopted, which includes measures against systematic fraud, which is rapidly increasing in damage, the problem of sexual exploitation of children by exploiting social media, and efforts to address the risks of generative AI.

The G8 Ministers' Meeting for Home Affairs and Security has been held in Mito City since the 7th.

On the 10th, the last day of the conference, a meeting was held to address systematic fraud that is taking place across borders.

In the United Kingdom, the annual damage amount is more than 1 billion yen, which is 11 times the amount of damage caused by special fraud in Japan in the past year, and in the United States, fraud based on "call centers" in South Asia such as India causes more than 4100 billion yen in damage per year.

At the meeting, the current situation in each country was shared, and coordinated efforts to prevent damage were discussed.

In addition to measures against such systematic fraud, the joint statement to be compiled on the 1400th urges social media operators to develop functions to protect children as a measure to address the problem of child sexual exploitation such as child pornography, and to reduce the risk of crimes that misuse generative AI. It is expected to include information sharing and promoting collaboration with industry.