CCTV News (News Network): Since the beginning of this year, China's Beidou industry has continued to maintain rapid growth, the scale of application has been expanding, and the depth of application has continued to increase.

The latest data shows that Beidou has achieved a dominant position in the field of domestic navigation maps, and Beidou positioning services are used more than 3600 billion times a day. This year, Beidou has become the "standard" of smart phones, and more than 300 smart phones that have applied for network access support Beidou positioning.

The "Beidou in the sky" is becoming "the Beidou around you" at the same time, and it is also becoming the "Beidou of the whole industry chain". At present, the Beidou industrial chain and supply chain are safe and stable, and a complete spectrum of chips, modules, antennas, and boards has been formed, and software and algorithms have been completely independently developed, and domestic chip shipments have reached a scale of over 100 million. In Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi and other places, with the formation of a complete industrial chain, the Beidou industry presents an agglomeration development pattern dominated by key cities.

At the same time, Beidou's international "circle of friends" is also expanding. Not long ago, the Beidou system officially joined the International Civil Aviation Organization standard and became a universal satellite navigation system for civil aviation around the world. Up to now, Beidou products have been applied in more than half of the world's countries and regions.

According to the plan, in the next step, China will actively expand the application of Beidou in emerging fields such as the industrial Internet, the Internet of Things, and the Internet of Vehicles, help industrial enterprises to "intelligently transform and digitalize", cultivate new models and new formats of "Beidou +", and promote the formation of new quality productivity. At the same time, it will also implement the application promotion action in the field of Beidou mass consumption, and cultivate a number of new products and applications that are easy to use and easy to use.