People's Daily Online, Beijing, December 12 (Reporter Li Dong) Affected by the strong cold air, in the near future, most of the central and eastern parts of China will have two large-scale rain and snow weather processes, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs urgently deployed preventive work, requiring agricultural and rural departments at all levels to take the initiative to take the initiative and respond scientifically to ensure the stable development of agricultural production in winter.

According to the meteorological forecast, December 12-9, 11-14, most of the central and eastern parts of the country will have two large-scale rain and snow weather processes, accompanied by continuous cooling, the minimum temperature of 17 °C line will be pressed south to the central part of Hubei to the north of Jiangsu and Anhui, North China, Huanghuai, the central and southern parts of Northeast China, the eastern part of the northwest have light to moderate snow or sleet, locally heavy to heavy snowfall, North China Huanghuai strong snowfall areas overlap, snowfall has a certain extreme, will have an adverse impact on the safety of agricultural production in winter and the stable price and supply of agricultural products.

The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs said that it is necessary to ensure the development of agricultural production in winter by strengthening the implementation of responsibilities, strengthening monitoring and early warning, and grasping the connection between production and marketing.

Strengthen the implementation of responsibilities. The weather process covers a wide area, the cooling range is large, and the amount of local rain and snow is large, which may cause some vigorous and late-sown weak seedlings of winter wheat and winter rape to be frozen, some old facilities and greenhouses are damaged, the growth of facility vegetables, young animals and aquatic products is affected, and the transportation of fresh agricultural products is blocked. Agricultural and rural departments at all levels must strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen responsibility, keep a close eye on possible disasters, implement policies by region and classification, provide precise and fine guidance, and effectively reduce the impact of disasters.

Strengthen monitoring and early warning. Pay close attention to weather changes, communicate and consult with water conservancy, emergency management, meteorological and other departments in a timely manner, analyze and judge the impact of rain and snow on agricultural production, and put forward specific measures for prevention. Through radio, television, mobile phone text messages, WeChat and other means, the early warning information and response measures will be notified to the production entity at the first time, and the disaster will be actively avoided and scientifically prevented. Strengthen disaster monitoring and scheduling, early detection and accurate assessment, and timely report disaster information and progress in disaster response work.

Scientific and effective response. Organize experts to formulate and improve scientific anti-freezing and cold-resistant technical plans, and send working groups and expert teams as needed to go deep into the production line to guide the implementation of cold-proof and anti-freezing measures. In the northern region, it is necessary to strengthen the classified management of winter wheat, timely mechanical suppression of fields with strong growth and poor quality of land preparation, and timely classification of late sowing weak seedlings to buffer the impact of cooling.

Do a good job in the connection between production and marketing. Pay close attention to market dynamics, release supply and demand information in a timely manner, guide farmers to harvest mature agricultural products in a timely manner, and ensure market supply. For vegetable varieties that are at risk of being unsalable and difficult to sell, do a good job in production and marketing docking services to ensure that they can be harvested, stored and sold.

"For areas that may be blocked by snowfall, it is necessary to appropriately increase the variety and quantity of 'vegetable basket' product reserves, improve the list of emergency production, transportation and marketing entities in large and medium-sized cities, do a good job in advance of supply and demand docking, capacity reserves, formulate emergency traffic methods, design emergency transportation routes, etc., do a good job in fast-growing leafy vegetables, sprouts and other short-growth vegetable seed adjustment and transportation, and arrange emergency vegetable production in advance to ensure the stable supply of vegetables. Strengthen coordination with relevant departments, smooth the 'green channel', ensure that vegetables and other fresh agricultural products are not out of stock, and ensure that the market prices of agricultural products are basically stable. The person in charge said.