The ongoing Israeli aggression on Gaza caused the death of about 18,<> Palestinians, most of them children and women (French)

German media revealed on Saturday the recovery of the bodies of the family of a German doctor consisting of 6 members, who were killed in an Israeli bombardment of the Gaza Strip two weeks ago.

According to the German newspaper "Süddeutsche Zeitung", Youssef Abu Jadallah (39 years old), who worked as a doctor in Germany, his wife Aya, and their children Salah al-Din (10 years old), Mohammed (9 years old), Abdul Rahman (3 years old), and Omar (infant), were killed as a result of Israeli shelling on their home in Gaza.

Yousef Abu Jadallah was supposed to start his new job in a hospital in Dortmund on the first of November, but before that, a member of the Palestinian Association of Physicians in Germany, an anesthesiologist, wanted to visit his family in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Jadallah wanted to build a house on a piece of land he bought in Gaza, but according to his relatives, he was killed on October 25 in the living room of the house where he was staying with his family as a result of Israeli shelling.

Ahmed Abu Jadallah, Youssef's brother, said in a press statement that they were able to "recover the bodies of his brother and family from the rubble two weeks after they were killed," according to the Süddeutsche Zeitung newspaper.

Ahmed, who also holds German citizenship and is 28, was able to leave Gaza a few days ago and is now in Frankfurt, where he studied computer science, but is staying in a hospital with health problems.

Abu Jadallah's family no longer exists

The German newspaper published a lengthy front-page article headlined "Abu Jadallah's family no longer exists", accompanied by photos of the family, who before the war seemed happy with their father, mother and four young children, including a baby, who had acquired German citizenship.

Abu Jad's brother recounts how his family lifted the rubble of the bombed house and found his brother Yusuf's right foot and his wife Aya's head. Rubble lifting equipment was not found until two weeks after the incident, and only a few children's body parts were found. Death certificates seen by the newspaper indicate that the date of death is recorded on the tenth of November.

Two days before his death, Youssef wrote to his friend Dr. Hezza Jebali, head of the urology department at a hospital in Saxony-Anhalt, via WhatsApp: "Listen, the situation here is beyond your imagination. These are the numbers of my brothers, if you haven't heard from me for a while, ask them about me. If anything happens to me, tell all the important authorities, because you have most of my messages."

Abu Jad Allah and Jabali have known each other since 2004 and studied medicine together in Jordan. At the end of their studies, they learned German together in the evenings at the Goethe-Institut in Amman.

Jebali now carries a set of parcels in front of the camera, all messages addressed to his friend Youssef. Since he was looking for a new apartment in Dortmund, the mails were forwarded to his address. Now Hamza Jebali must tell Germany that his friend will not return.

The first thing Jebali did was call his new employer to tell him that "Youssef Abu Jadallah, who was supposed to start with you, is no longer there," then it was the turn of the health insurance company, then the doctors' syndicate. "It's not a nice task," says Jebali, who has two children.

Earlier, the German Foreign Ministry said in a press statement: "Unfortunately, we now have to assume that a German family is among the victims of the conflict in Gaza."

Abu Jadallah and his family were the first German citizens killed in Gaza as a result of Israeli bombardment.

Germany is one of the most supportive European countries for Israel and its war against the Gaza Strip.

Since the seventh of last October, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on the Gaza Strip, which has left 17,700 martyrs, 48,780 wounded, most of them children and women, with thousands more missing and believed to have died under the rubble, massive destruction of infrastructure, and an unprecedented humanitarian disaster.

Source: German Press + Anadolu Agency