Actress Itziar Etonio, star of La Casa de Babylon (Netflix)

Actress Itziar Etonio, the protagonist of the series "La Casa de Papel", described what is happening in Gaza as a campaign of genocide committed by Israeli forces, during a mass protest in the center of the northern Spanish town of Guernica, in support of Palestine.

"From Guernica, from its unfortunate legitimacy for being the city that witnessed the first indiscriminate civilian bombing in history, from the historical memory of our dead, wounded and destruction," she said in her speech.

Itziar Ituño, renowned actress from "La Casa de Papel," describes what's going on in #Gaza as a genocide campaign perpetrated by Israeli forces, during a massive protest in the center of the town of Gernica, northern Spain, in support of Palestine.

— PALESTINE ONLINE 🇵🇸 (@OnlinePalEng) December 8, 2023

"From Guernica to Palestine... From Guernica to the world, we want to say that after what we have gone through, since the first bombing we were subjected to until today, history or the world cannot bear the destruction of one people, the world and history should not tolerate what is happening in Palestine, and the world and history should not accept a new Guernica."

"From Guernica, a town that occupies a cursed place among all the massacres in human history, we call for an end to the ongoing massacre committed by the Israeli occupation against Palestinian civilians, and we strongly and angrily condemn any complicity in this genocide."

"Palestinian citizens will carry our voices from Guernica wherever they are, our dead are your dead. Your destroyed homes are our homes, your occupied land is our occupied land, and our daughters and sons are our sons."

Itziar Itunio is a Spanish actress born in the Basque Country in northern Spain (June 18, 1974) best known for her role as police detective Raquel Murillo or Lisbon in the popular Spanish series La Casa de Babel.

Bombing of Guernica

Guernica's aerial bombardment on 26 April 1937 took place in the Basque village of Guernica during the Spanish Civil War. The bombing was carried out by the Condor Corps of the German Air Force and the Rapid Intervention Corps of the Italian Air Force, at the request of the Spanish National Front. The operation was dubbed "Operation Rügen". This is one of the first raids on an unarmed civilian population carried out by a modern air force, and the number of victims from the bombing of Guernica remains undetermined today, estimated at between 800 and 1654,<> dead.

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