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Military expert Major General Fayez al-Duwairi said that Yedioth Ahronoth's talk about the injury of 5 members of the occupation army confirms that Israel's losses are much greater than announced, pointing out that Washington's intention to provide Tel Aviv with 40,<> shells for Merkava tanks means that Israel has exhausted a large part of its stock during the past two months.

Yedioth Ahronoth said that 5,60 army personnel have been injured, while the Israeli Defense Ministry has recognized two thousand disabled so far, noting that the rehabilitation department receives 100 injured people daily, most of them in serious condition, in addition to at least 7 people who were blind, and <>% with psychological symptoms.

Duwairi said that a Hebrew newspaper's announcement of these figures confirms that the reality is much bigger than this, because Yedioth Ahronoth will be keen on Israeli morale in the end, that is, it will not offer everything.

"Given that the number of vehicles destroyed by the resistance – according to its announcements – reaches 500 between a tank and a personnel carrier, the first carrying 10 personnel and the second 12 personnel, which means an average of 11 personnel per vehicle," he said.

While the losses in the corresponding battles are estimated at one to every 3 wounded, al-Duwairi believes that the losses in the current battles will be much greater because they are all battles that take place from a distance of zero, that is, they are deadly battles and even the casualties are very serious.

Regarding Washington's agreement to provide Israel with 40,120 Merkava 106mm shells for $<> million, Duwairi said the decision reflects Israel's excessive use of ammunition and that it has consumed a very large part of its stockpile.

He pointed out that Tel Aviv will not pay any money for these munitions because they are all part of the free US support, adding, "There are warehouses inside Israel for the US army with ammunition, and all of them have been opened."

"There are three munitions lines in these bases and warehouses, and the withdrawal is carried out according to controls and the conditions of the battle," he said.

He concluded that second- and third-line munitions were unrestricted to Israel and yet it had requested more missiles, confirming its overuse during the battle.

Source : Al Jazeera