274 Palestinians were killed by Israeli bullets about two months ago in the West Bank (French)

A Palestinian boy died of being shot by the Israeli occupation in the town of Azzun, east of Qalqilya in the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli occupation forces raided the town of Azzun, after which clashes erupted, during which live bullets and poison gas canisters were fired, wounding Mahmoud Bassem Abu Haniyeh (17 years old) with live ammunition in the back.

The death of Abu Haniyeh brings the number of martyrs on Saturday in the West Bank to four, in addition to the two martyrs Rami al-Jundub from al-Fara'a refugee camp, Nimr Abu Mustafa from Balata refugee camp, and the martyr Sari Youssef Amr from Dura in Hebron, who was martyred shortly after his arrest.

Today, Saturday, the funeral of the martyr Rami Al-Grasshopper, who died of wounds sustained yesterday during the Israeli occupation forces' attack on Al-Fara'a refugee camp in Tubas governorate, took place.

On Friday, 6 Palestinians, including a child, were killed during the Israeli occupation forces' attack on Al-Far'a refugee camp.

The occupation forces had executed Sari Yousef Amr during his arrest at dawn on Saturday in the city of Hebron, and the occupation informed the family of the Palestinian youth from the city of Dura of his death after his arrest.

This was after the Israeli occupation forces stormed the house of Sari Amro and shot him during the raid, directly injuring him.

Sari's father told Al Jazeera that the occupation forces informed him of his son's martyrdom and prevented him from bidding him farewell.

Meanwhile, Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that a Palestinian was wounded by a live bullet during the withdrawal of the Israeli occupation forces from Batan Al-Hawa neighborhoods in the center of Ramallah and um Al-Sharayt in Al-Bireh.

Later, the Ministry of Health announced that he had died of his injuries.

Thus, the number of martyrs in the West Bank since October 7 during the wave of raids launched by the occupation rose to 274 martyrs.


Al-Jazeera correspondent reported that the Israeli occupation forces arrested a released prisoner in the um Al-Sharayt neighborhood in Al-Bireh city after raiding the neighborhood and closing its entrances, as well as a student at Birzeit University in Batan Al-Hawa neighborhood in central Ramallah, and clashes erupted between the occupation forces and Palestinians.

The Israeli occupying forces also raided the village of Kafr Ra'i, southwest of Jenin in the West Bank, where they arrested the brothers of Islamic Jihad leader Bilal Diab, detained and interrogated his family members.

The occupying forces raided nearby houses and a school as part of their failed attempt to arrest the leader of the jihad movement, who the occupation authorities say is wanted by the occupation authorities.

The occupying forces failed to arrest him three times in the past, and arrested members of his family in an attempt to pressure him to surrender.

Al-Jazeera correspondent also reported clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli occupation forces near the village of Merka and the town of Qabatiya, southwest of Jenin.

Al-Jazeera correspondent added that the occupation army pushed military reinforcements to Qabatiya after the clashes, and the occupation forces carried out patrols in the two areas in search of the shooters.

For its part, the Palestinian Prisoners' Club announced that the Israeli occupation forces arrested from Friday evening until dawn today, at least 15 citizens from several governorates in the West Bank.

This brings the number of arrests in the occupied West Bank since October 7 to 3700,<>.

Operation Dotan

In a related matter, the Jenin Brigade in the West Bank claimed responsibility for the attack on patrols and the Dotan checkpoint, and said it caused deaths and injuries.

The occupation army announced on Friday that a soldier was wounded, after Palestinians opened fire towards Dotan checkpoint, west of the town of Ya'bad in Jenin, where the occupation continues to search for the perpetrators of the operation, and the occupation forces rushed to storm the town in search of the attackers.

Israeli occupation soldiers also assaulted Al-Jazeera crew at the entrance to Ya'bad town, where one of the soldiers hit Al-Jazeera cameraman Raji Abu Asfour on the back with the butt of the gun before expelling the crew from the site.

The West Bank has been witnessing tense conditions since the beginning of the Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip two months ago, during which the occupation intensified raids and raids on villages and towns in the West Bank.

Source : Al Jazeera + Agencies